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Update: January 2017


This is down. -_- I just want stability here, but I think I need more MAUs to hit that. Still, not gonna scoff at a free extra bottle of Fernet.
App Revenue
(Note, this is revenue, not profit – I’m going to track Apple’s 30% as an expense.) Sadly, this is lower than last month. This is slightly expected due to both the post-holiday crash and the new version of Barback: Barback sales are down ($800, and more about that later), Ambience is flat ($75), a mere $65 from Floradora.
Yay for retainers! This should be static for the foreseeable future: $3500 from one client, $500 from another.


Paused ads for Barback while it regains its ASO juice from the new version. Ambience continues to do well at $.10 CAC.
Amazon Web Services
I use AWS to run a lot of stuff:
  • S3 hosts Barback’s images and all of my static sites.
  • RDS hosts Barback’s databases, as well as Spoonbill’s.
  • Route 53 has a couple domains.
  • EC2 runs a couple Twitter bots.
The price is great – the majority of this expense comes from RDS.
App Store
The 30% cut of $840.
Apple Developer's License
$99/year. Amortizing that comes out to 8 a month and change.
Used for Vittles.
A legacy plan of $8/mo, two email forwards at $2/mo each, and 20 domains each at $20/yr.
I mean – it’s Dropbox. I use this for personal and professional reasons, and it’s my lifeblood.
G Suite
Use it for emails and such.
I use Github liberally – pretty much every piece of code I write has a repo, and I use Issues for managing them.
One of my goals this month is to bring this down: more about that in a bit.
JetBrains is the best IDE creator in the world. I use PyCharm and WebStorm daily (and have used IntelliJ in the past.)
I use Mailchimp to manage lifecycle / educational emails for Spoonbill.
The best email client there is.
Ship is a desktop app for managing GitHub issues. It is terrific and makes managing tasks across my multiple projects much easier. (It’s only a dollar this month because free trial pro-rating, but will bump up to $9 in subsequent months.)



Floating sucks

It’s often very hard to tell if I’m spending my time well (where I’m defining well as the correct allocation in order to maximize profits).

I’m really happy with what I’ve built over the past few months but it’s hard to disambiguate the “ah, this was fun to build” feeling from the “ah, this was the correct thing to build” feeling.

I can tell I overindulge my code all of the things instinct. It’s easy to say that’s fine since I’m doing this for fun, but I am trying to grow this as a business and sometimes that means eating your vegetables. Speaking of which:

Time to eat my vegetables

In February, I’m going to work on a bunch of boring (to me, at least) but important stuff, specifically on the non-dev side. This is also probably a good move because this past month exhausted me in terms of software and it’ll be nice to do stuff that isn’t straight up coding.

— Justin (@justinmduke)

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